The green and red arrows to the left of a headline and to the right of the ticker column in the Newsfeed widget reflect an indication of bullish, bearish or neutral sentiment for how a stock might move related to a news item and assigned by reporters from the Newsdesk team. 

A bullish sentiment indication highlights an expectation that a given news item (the news item highlighted in the headline) should send a stock higher, while sentiment reflecting the down arrows should send a stock lower.

The Newsdesk will assign a level of bullishness or bearishness on a scale of 1-3. A sentiment indicator of 0 will assign a neutral sentiment. 1 bull or bear suggests a stock may be expected to move between 0 and 4%, a 2 bull or bear (2 green or red arrows in the Newsfeed) suggests a stock could move between 5-10%, and a 3 bull or bear suggests possible movement over 10%.

Sentiment is based on current expectations for a company or market and historical context related to how a similar news item has moved the same stock or a peer stock in the past.

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