To access the news tweeting feature in Benzinga Pro, hover over a headline and click the Twitter icon on the far right. 

This will reveal a pre-written tweet that you can edit how you like and share with your followers. 

The ticker covered in the news story will automatically get a ‘CashTag’, a dollar sign that operates exactly the same as hashtags so that other Twitter users looking for information about that stock can easily find your tweet. 

Example of a ‘CashTag’: $AAPL 

Twitter Sharing Policy: 

If a user is sharing headlines or articles from Benzinga Pro by clicking the Twitter bird icon in the Newsfeed, the contents of the tweet will include a link to Benzinga Pro ( and will also automatically include @benzinga in the post.

If a user is not sharing headlines or articles from the Twitter bird icon in Benzinga Pro and is instead using another method, we ask they cite Benzinga or Benzinga Pro in some way. 

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