We have created a cheat sheet for deciphering the option sweep post:

One Option is 100 shares

calls at the ask = bullish indication
calls at the bid = bearish indication
puts at the ask = bearish indication
puts at the bid = bullish indication

Date is Expiration
Price is Strike Price

Sweep means it needs to be routed more than one way
Number means how many routes

The next number is the number of options
@ = price of the option
vs means the number that was traded in the past
Earnings = next earnings date
Ref means what the price of the stock was when the option was lifted 

[company] Option Alert: [expiration] $[strike price] [call or put] Sweep ([number of sources orders coming from]) [near/at the ask/bid]: [current volume] @ $[price of contract] vs [open interest for contract] OI; Ref = last price underlying stock traded at

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